There are many ways we can work together - knowing that we are operating in volatile and uncertain times means that we do not have 'off the shelf' programs, rather we have a range of methodologies which we bring together in service of the Client needs. We note that different Clients will have a preference for particular ways of working, and so we begin our journey together with one or more assessments, and go from there. The assessment results reveal if what we say we are doing (stated vision, mission, processes etc.), what we think we are doing, and what we are actually doing are in alignment. If there is dissonance in the system this will show up. From here, we dialogue with you, understand your response and where you have the most energy to focus - with this information we are able to design the most effective intervention or program for your organisation. 

"We use systemic mapping to find alignment and create possibility"

- Clare Stafford Taylaur

Culture Assessment

There are several types of culture assessment - personal, leadership and organizational. This provides a map and a start / endpoint for the transformation. The assessment is completed by ourselves, and our colleagues for a leadership values assessment, and the whole team for the organization values assessment. The output shows potentially limiting behavior patterns which may be draining the energy of you and your team. We use the Barrett Values Program and are accredited consultants.

Conscious Consulting Methodology Culture Assessment Orglens Verbal360 Meditation Systemic Mapping Transformation Workshops

We are delighted to partner with Orglens - the Founder of Orglens is one of the team at Conscious Consultants, and has created a revolutionary relationship analysis tool which shows how your organisation really works. The tool combines social psychology, management theory, data science, graph theory and AI. The output from this assessment help leaders to better understand Productivity, Team Dynamics, Inclusion, Engagement, Culture, and Leadership. 

Conscious Consulting Methodology Culture Assessment Orglens Verbal360 Meditation Systemic Mapping Transformation Workshops
Verbal 360

In the Johari window, there are 4 areas - known to all, known only to me, known only to others and unknown. Feedback increases our awareness, and this new expanded knowledge can support us in choosing what we may want to let go of, or shift. The benefit of having an expert complete the process is that the output will be organized into key themes and shared objectively.


Meditation is the secret to success for many pioneers and leaders in the business world. The practice that we teach is the Dynamic Mind Practice, created by Gita Bellin. This simple, yet powerful, practice, releases the stress patterns from our consciousness and re-creates the neural pathways which leads to a totally new experience of reality. Those who practice meditation regularly report feeling calmer, clear minded, and in flow.

Systemic Mapping

Systemic mapping is a practical exercise which is used to gain new perspectives on and resolve business or team issues, and answer organisation-wide questions. The process considers all of the elements present in the system and their current relationship to each other, and has been proven to enhance understanding of any system, issue or question. Once we have the awareness of the current state, then we work together to make changes to bring alignment to the system or see how things may play out in future. 

Conscious Consulting Methodology Culture Assessment Orglens Verbal360 Meditation Systemic Mapping Transformation Workshops
Transformation Workshops

This program is the Foundation workshop of Gita Bellin and Associates, we are accredited experienced facilitators of this work. The main focus of the GBA Foundation Program™ is to shift human perception, mind-sets and behaviors, from that of a reactive response to life to one of a creative response to life. This is a lifechanging workshop that can be created for any leadership team or group.