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Our Services

The world we live in today is VUCA - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Many people are finding that the linear models of the past no longer apply to their current reality. How do we run our businesses, plan effectively, and thrive in a VUCA environment? This is where Conscious Consulting can help, we are experts in non-linear dynamics, and are able to quantify and bring clarity to teams and leaders who are struggling to find their feet in these ever-changing times.

Conscious Consulting provides the following services:

  • HR Advisory

  • Culture Building & Transformation

  • Leadership Development & Coaching

  • Health & Wellbeing

We are experienced at building teams in the UAE and Globally, having the right people, processes and culture in place is key to the success of any business venture. If you are a start-up or going through a merger, restructure, or integration, we provide direction and facilitate your process. We begin most of our projects using a diagnostic assessment to quantify culture, relationships, psychological safety, coupled with a set of interviews or focus groups to understand how people are thinking and feeling today. This information is presented as a set of themes to the working group and leadership so they may advise on where to prioritize intervention efforts. We always work together with our clients on designing and implementing the intervention – we bring the expert knowledge, and the Client knows what works best in their organization.

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