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Our Philosophy

In Conscious Consulting, our purpose is building organizations where all people thrive.

We do this through Humanizing and Harmonizing:

  • Humanizing is connectedness to our entire set of capabilities of Being Human (Cognitive, Embodied, Emotional and Intuitive Intelligence).

  • Harmonizing is the collective interconnectedness of our system, and our agency in creating and influencing the systems in which we belong.

Many consultants work with the formal, visible aspects of your organization; we are also able to illuminate the informal, less visible aspects. Accessing the full set of information - including formal and informal data - empowers people to transform themselves, their organizations, and their communities.

Conscious Consulting is a firm supporting the transition of organizations from the industrial-era, mechanistic, old system to the networked, empowered, new paradigm of business. We believe that awareness raising is itself transformational, all our team have spent many years on the journey of awareness raising within themselves, so we may support others to do the same.  


"He who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens"


- Carl Jung

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