Our Philosophy

Conscious Consulting is a boutique firm which specializes in revealing how you, your team, group, organization, and our society really works. Many consultants work with the formal, visible aspects of your organization; however, we are also able to illuminate the informal, hidden aspects. Having the full set of information - including formal and informal data - empowers people to transform themselves, their organizations and their communities.

We are in the Consciousness age, having passed the industrial and information technology ages, this is clear from the explosion of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, self-help books,  what was once thought of as new age and hippy has become mainstream.  We have moved from the Evolution of Consciousness to Conscious Evolution.

Conscious Consulting is a firm joining this already established movement of Conscious Business, Conscious Capitalism, and Conscious Parenting. We believe that awareness raising is itself transformational, all our team have spent many years on the journey of awareness raising within themselves, so we may support other individuals and groups to do the same.  

"He who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens"


- Carl Jung

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