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"The only person you meet in a group is yourself"

- Paul Barber 

Clare is an accomplished HR leader, facilitator, and coach. She is the Founder of Conscious Consulting; a collective of practitioners who have experience across Business, HR, Teaching, Training, Psychology, Mindfulness, and Inner Leadership Development. Prior to setting up Conscious Consulting, Clare created and led the Human Capital function for Mubadala Capital, a Global Investment and Asset Management firm. Clare worked as a member of the Leadership team and built a thriving Global organization with offices in 6 countries and an AUM of $15BN. Previously Clare led the creation of a centralized recruitment function for Mubadala and hired many of their Senior executives for both the corporate team and the assets.

Clare’s Qualifications include: Postgraduate Diploma in Leading and Facilitating Transformative Change: Organization Development (Metanoia Institute), and a B.Sc. (Hons) in Psychology. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), and a Member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Clare is a certified Facilitator of Transformation (Gita Bellin & Associates), a certified Systems Coach, an accredited Meditation teacher, and a Barrett Analytics Practitioner.

Clare has lived and worked in the UK, Japan, and the UAE, where she now resides. 

Clare Stafford Taylaur

Founder & Managing Partner

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Patrik is a Systemic Facilitator of Transformation, with over 10 years’ International experience as a Values-based Consultant and Executive Coach. Patrik is a pioneer of inner-leadership development and personal evolution: His approach begins with identifying values and purpose and leads to whole system alignment. Prior to consulting, Patrik spent 20 years in education as a teacher, facilitator and coach, specialising in curriculum design and development; emotional intelligence; behavioural change; personal and spiritual growth; mental health; and bereavement counselling and crisis intervention. 

Patrik’s qualifications include: Facilitator of Transformation (Gita Bellin & Associates), Systemic Mapping and Constellations Facilitator, Barrett Analytics Practitioner, Clifton Strengths Finder Coach, Non-Violent Communication Facilitator, Adaptive Intelligence Coach, Contextual Family Counsellor, and Bereavement Counsellor. His publications include: ‘A World Book of Values’ (2014), several books on loss, grief and bereavement, and ‘Imaginal Presence’ (2021).

Patrick is from Belgium and is now living in the UK since 2015.


Patrik Somers 

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Affiliate Partner

Santhosh is a public intellect on Leadership and Organisational Change. Since 1998, Santhosh has helped more than 300 clients across the world in their growth and transformation journey and he is a visiting faculty at The University of Chicago and Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Thinkers 50 identified him as a management thinker who influenced India in 2014 and he is a recipient of Lifetime Award from the Gestalt OSD center, USA. Santhosh is also the author of “Coaching the Art of Developing Leaders” the book published by Wiley. He is the founder of OD Alternatives, a boutique consulting firm that focuses on helping leaders to build purposeful and successful Organisations and he is also the Founder of Orglens, a tech firm that uses social psychology and network science to solve organisational challenges. Santhosh coaches senior leaders and celebrities and he is a columnist with several publications.

Santhosh is from India, lived in Bhutan, and is now living back home in India.

Santosh Babu 

Affiliate Partner

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Tiina-Maija Bergman

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Affiliate Partner

Tiina-Maija new photo.jpg

Tiina-Maija is a leadership facilitator and coach bringing a unique blend of decades of corporate business experience and mindfulness into her work, with a purpose of instilling a spark of joy back into the lives of her clients. In her early career she spent 20+ years working for global industry leading hospitality organizations, holding leadership roles across Commercial, Strategy and Operational functions. Since then, she has also worked with private clients to support their personal journey of transformation, as well as leaders and their teams in business who seek greater understanding of their team dynamics and how they can work together more effectively and harmoniously. Tiina-Maija holds seemingly incompatible polarities; she is both a Business professional and an Energy healer, and inspires her Clients to be creative and pioneering, whilst maintaining practicality and financial prosperity.


In addition to holding a BSc in Foreign Trade and Hospitality Management, Tiina-Maija is a certified Facilitator of Transformation (Gita Bellin & Associates), Barrett Analytics Practitioner, and an ICF-certified Business, Resilience and NLP Coach. Tiina-Maija is also an accredited Master Practitioner in modalities of Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Hypnotherapy and TimeLineTherapy®, and a teacher and practitioner of various Healing modalities, Meditation and Yoga.


Tiina-Maija is from Finland, has lived in Switzerland, France and Egypt, and is based in the UAE since 2003.

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